Tow Vessel Conversation
Wednesday. February 5.

Out to seaward now heading south. What a nice tow this is. How much did the carriers move underway? This just sits there for us. But we are only doing 6 knots. That was a real thrill to get thru some of the ship. Could not see what I really wanted to see. Hard to believe so many people were on that ship. Standing were John McCain was when the fire broke out was a strange feeling. What a impressive old girl this is. Capt. Dwaine
Note: Dwaine's tour of ship was for  him to gain knowledge of of his tow. there will be NO tours in Texas.

Thursday February 6.
90 miles off Hatteras, Towing against Mother Nature is a challenge. Doing good.  Capt. Dwaine

Friday February 7.
Had a fast fly by from unit 71 yesterday to pay final respects. Will be far out at Jacksonville.
Contacting an East coast NAS, it was confirmed that a group on a routine flight did see the carriers down below and made a pass to pay their respects. (Webmaster) 

Saturday February 8.

Position 31° N, 76° W   Weather is good compared to Alaska, it's all good. We switched from heat to a/c so we must be headed the right direction. Capt. Dwaine

Sunday February 9.

Great going today, will be in the Strait of Florida tonight. Making better speed than expected so far. See how the Gulf Stream treats use today.                                       TODAY'S PHOTO       Capt. Dwaine

Monday February 10.

Off Fort Lauderdale at 26.20°N, 79.21° W. Doing good.  Capt. Dwaine

Tuesday February 11.

Heading for Key West. Position 24.25°N, 80.3°W. Just north of Cay Sal Bank.
ETA Brownsville will move up to 18th, hopefully. We want to see how Gulf Stream tests us.

Someone did something right with these hull shapes. Most stable thing I've ever towed. Not that we have seen any really bad weather but the old girl just sits there. I would bet if I put a ball on the flight deck when we left it would still be up there. All is good. Capt. Dwaine

Wednesday February 12. Off Dry Tortugas  this morning Gulf Stream was really nice to us making 7.6 knots. Moving ETA to 18th now that we are clear of our biggest obstacle. Really nice morning off Florida. Capt. Dwaine
My friend. Capt. Miller says: "The "Dry Tortugas".  That was a Navy bombing and shooting range back in my day.  We fired Sparrow III missiles at drones there."
Thursday February 13. Position is 85°25'W. We were slowed down for seas last night as the tail winds of the storm up in the mainland pasted over. Looks to be breaking up now. Still on for am 18th.
Capt. Dwaine

Friday February 14. The crew may be busy sending a Valentine to their loved one back home.

Saturday February 15. Position is 25°-17'N - 90°-45'W          See Channel Entry DETAILS          did you hit refresh to see map update?

Sunday February 16. Position is 25°-32'N - 93°-11'W         See Brownsville VISIT PAGE - there is a PBS radio link there!
On Sunday the wind has been from behind, ESE. Question to Lauren Foss Capt.: How does the ESE wind affect your tow?

For most part, Forrestal tows really well. Her hull was made for speed so getting it moving is not that hard. Getting it to turn is a different matter. Since she is hooked up high and only 1 tow point it's slower to respond. If this had a bridle, even a close one, it would tow much better.    -    What is interesting is seeing the effect wind has at surface versus 50 meters up. The house (Island) is the big sail effect not the hull. Even though wind maybe from ESE it's off our port side. Took a while to figure that one out then noticed wind on bridge area going whole different direction.    -    Lucky for us wind should be down channel and not across it, heading into Brownsville. It will be good to have full daylight for entering channel.  We are running slow, for timed arrival. Bet you never did that in the Navy?  Capt. Dwaine

Monday February 17. Presidents Day.    -    Port Side Winds (south) are 15 knots. Seas 4 ft. to 5 ft.  -  makes for slow progress.
TRUE STORY: "During WWII, when I lived on a lake with my grandpa, my Mom (single) was off in the big city making Parachutes, and my Uncle Jr. was a Radioman on a ship in the Philippines, I often fished out in the middle of the lake catching beautiful Blue Gills. When a wind would come up and make white caps (you know, 8 in.), I had an awful time rowing the 10 ft. boat back to shore. I have an idea of what Capt. Dwaine is going through." Webmaster

One day of water ahead.  -  SEE: WEATHER MAPS
Tuesday February 18. 0100 hrs. Position  40 miles off coast.
0701 hrs. Sunrise - Wind 17 mph SSE - Swell 3 ft. SSE
It's really FOGGY on coast. See Webcam   - ship is out 2.5 mi.s Pilots scheduled for 0900 hrs.
1000 hrs. Local pilot says fog should lift by noon.
1350 hrs. The Forrestal is towed into the Brownsville Ship Channel - continued on ENTRANCE PAGE
Wednesday February 19.
The crew of the Lauren Foss is changed. Departure not scheduled yet.
Thursday February 20.
Capt. Dwaine departs for home by plane.
The Ex-USS Forrestal, the first of the Navy's "supercarriers," is to be recycled through a contract awarded Oct. 22, 2013, according to a Navy news release. One cent is the lowest price the Navy could possibly have paid the contractor for the towing and dismantling of the ex-Forrestal. The Navy will continue to own the ship until it has been fully dismantled. All Star Metals takes ownership of the scrap metal as it is produced and sells the scrap to offset costs.   Houston Chronicle  Oct. 24, 2013  By Carol Christian.

This report was first posted on February 2nd when the tow vessel Lauren Foss left New York to pick up the Forrestal. That  part of the report can be seen on the New York Page.   Next the Philadelphia Departure Page was posted.

It is possible this report will NOT be viewed by the general public because it will not be announced to them by public news. The Navy Veterans are viewing it though. Forrestal Reunion Groups let them know about it. The other source has been the Facebook page "U S Navy Support Ships".  Here, I have  made  over 21 postings about this voyage. They have been viewed  2,600 times.  The entry about  "Best Forrestal Photo" was viewed 459 times.

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The USS Forrestal CV-59 was built during the COLD WAR with  3 sister ships, USS Saratoga CV-60, USS Ranger CV-61 and USS Independence CV-62. Persons born in the 1960's and later do not know about the Cold War. The USS Midway CV-41 was able to become a museum because it was first used for Prop driven planes. It was moderized for jets in 1957. The  USS Intrepid CV-11 , for the same reason. They are the last carrier museums. There is a way for them to be memorialzed though, using models. See MUSEUM IDEA.

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Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today released the following statement the last voyage of the Ex-USS Forrestal, the world’s first super carrier:

“Today marks the last voyage of the Ex-USS Forrestal, the world’s first super carrier. On this occasion, I believe it is fitting to recognize the ship and all who sailed on her in service to a grateful nation. Launched almost 60 years ago in Newport News, Virginia, she was named after former Navy Secretary and first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal.   

“Forrestal represented American ingenuity and shipbuilding excellence, integrating operational needs and engineering insight that created the first steam catapult, angled flight deck, and use of optical landing systems.

“During her 38 years of active service, Forrestal and its attached air wings were involved in missions around the globe.  At the beginning of her sea life, she was sent to the Eastern Mediterranean during the Suez and Lebanon Crises, and over the course of her service life, was involved in dozens of NATO operations, overseas deployments, patrol missions and strategic port visits around the Atlantic and Sixth Fleets. She was ‘home’ to thousands of the nation’s finest Sailors and aviators this country has ever known.

“Forrestal’s contributions to the war effort in Vietnam are well documented. Unfortunately, so is the terrible fire that engulfed the flight deck on July 29, 1967, killing 134 shipmates, injuring 161 more and destroying more than 20 aircraft. I will never forget when that Zuni rocket hit my A-4 Skyhawk after it was accidentally fired from across the flight deck, rupturing the fuel tank and setting that horrific, costly fire.

“I will always remember and honor my brave comrades who died in the Forrestal fire. Although the ship is being towed to Brownsville, Texas to be physically dismembered, her legacy, the bonds forged and memories created among shipmates will live forever. I bid her a final ‘fair winds and following seas.’”

                  Fatal Fire Note: It was Election Campaign "BAD PRESS" that pointed the blame of the fire on to the Senator. Do The RESEARCH!

Off North End of Bahamas Bank.  Hard to get better than this.



News: SEAPOWER    --    PHILLY NEWS   
from: " NEWS" with a video.....

All Star Metals Berthing

is under contract with 
All Star Metals LLC
to tow the  USS FORRESTAL CVA-59
to their disassembly yard in Brownsville, Texas