USS Forrestal    CVA-59     -      HISTORY

This aerial view of the existing vessel is enlarged from the photo above. View June 30, 2012 Philadelphia Photos         

Another intersting point about this encounter with the Forrestal. Vern  chums around with
 pilot, Capt. Ron Miller, who was commander of  Squadron VF-11 on the Forrestal.

Capt. Miller was also commander of Sand Point NAS in Seattle, WA.    I am webmaster for Sand Point and together we help record the history of the base.
Click photo - left. that's Capt. Miller being catapulted off the Forrestal.

Watch form Vern's "CV-59's LAST VOYAGE Report"
on his "ALL STAR METALS" page.

See a current Voyage Report of the USS Williamette AO-180
in route to Brownsville, TX

This 2013 photo is arranged to display history about  Vern Bouwman's (this webmaster) history at the ship yard.
He vividly remembers the walks from  the Main Gate past the 1955 Reserve Fleet,  the Football stadium and the Huge Crane.

    View: Vern's Museum Idea