LAUREN FOSS  - New York to Philadelphia
New York was very foggy in the morning of Febryary 1, 2014

At this time the bay was clearer.

So; Lauren Foss departed after a quick good-by with Iver Foss

Notice ICE at mouth of Delaware - 0800

Lauren Foss was berthed at stern of USS Forrestal CVA-59 at 1:00 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2014
The two carriers are berthed at Pier 3.             Vern was at Pier 1 in 1955. :)

Captain Dwaine's photo, comment - "Looks big from here"

0800: In the lower Delaware bay will be much thicker as we get to more fresh water.
Vessel Lauren Foss

is under contract with 
All Star Metals LLC
to tow the  USS FORRESTAL CVA-59
to their disassembly yard in Brownsville, Texas