Commissioned -12 May 1938
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Newport News, Va.

Length 761' Width 83.25'
Height 25' 11.5
4"-2.5" belt; 60 lbs protective deck(s); 4" bulkheads; 4" (side)-2" (top) conning tower; 4" (side) over steering gear
Power plant:
9 boilers; steam turbines; 4 shafts; 120,000 shp
Speed: 32.5 knots
Armament: 8 single 5"/38 guns; 4 quad 1.1"/75 machine gun; 24 .50-cal machine guns
Aircraft: 90+
Aviation facilities: 3 elevators; 2 flight-deck and
1 hangar-deck hydraulic catapults
Crew: 2,217 (ship's company + air wing)


A Damaged TBM Avenger in March of 1945. The outlined arrow on the tail ("G" symbol) was not the design assigned by the Bureau of Aeronautics, but the ship's CO, CAPT Hall, believed it reduced aircraft visibility during night operations, at a time when his ship was operating as a night carrier.   By Steve Whitby
   To tie in with History of USS Taluga AO-62 who refueled Enterprise in 1945.
Interesting Photos:


After her second "Magic Carpet" trip (January 1946) Enterprise was decommissioned at Bayonne, N.J., and remained there for 12 years. She was then towed to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where her distinctive tripod mast was cut—it was supposed to be placed on top of the Enterprise tower at the new Navy and Marine Corps football stadium at Annapolis, Md. Contributed by Robert Hurst.

The May 30, 1959 issue of  the
Saturday Evening Post

presented an interesting artical about the dismatling of ENTERPRISE.

It was about SAFETY, See:
Mutuals of Wausau

At the Brooklyn Navy yard, 22 June 1958, shortly before they started to dismantle her by first cutting off her tripod mast — she was sold for scrapping 10 days later, on 2 July.

The carrier on the opposite side of the pier is USS Independence (CVA-62) nearing completion. Ships visible in the left foreground include (from front): USS DeLong (DE-684), USS Coates (DE-685) and USS Hoe (SS-258). Ten other destroyers are also present, as is a "Liberty" type ship. Contributed by Steve Whitby.

Three items [shown below] Salvaged from Enterprise; exist at the
Naval Aviation Museum Foundation 1750 Radford Blvd., NAS Pensacola, FL 32508
Click them for more detail

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