USS Kawishiwi Details in 1956
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General Plans of Ship .....................................Port Side..
..See Special K at work from another ship.
Boe Detail Page
Midship Detail Page
Stern Detail Page
Bow Section
Vern's had two duties in this area.
Repaint the "146" while sitting on a rope seat that hangs over the side and pulling himself in close to the ship with a hook tied to an eye that exsisted there.
In the powder room, way below deck, he loaded powder bags onto the elevator that assends up to the 5 inch gun mount.
Mid Section
The center of Refueling activities.
Fuel Station
Stern Section
Most crew quarters were in this area.
Vern's Bunk
There were quarters also for as many as 100 hospital patients on the original configuration. The area was later changed into CPO quarters.
Munitions Replenishment Methods....Damage Control Training
Ships Service Training....Surface Officer Warfare School..