Golden Bear II  /  USS Cresent City APA-21
Leaves on her last voyage    See: Golden Bear III

This is the ship Capt. Moloney was a Cadet on in Pagp Pago.

On January 15, 2012 at 10:50 a.m.; while watching for a ship to leave the Bay Area; Capt. Patrick Moloney took this photo
after being advised that this tow by Tug Rachel was in progress. She was being towed from Mare Island Dry Docks Area

Captain Moloney recalls: "She'd been at Mare Island, about halfway up the channel for a couple years,  Had a port list, several degrees.  Poor old girl.  Pretty bad shape.  I used to use her for lifeboat training when I was teaching the course at CMA in 92.  Was offered a command but I couldn't leave the family alone for the cruises so had to decline.  When we towed her to Oakland to be  the Artship,  she was in such bad shape that there were ladders I had to put my weight on the edges of the steps.  I felt like if I stepped in the middle  of the rung I would have broken it.  Handsome ship though.  Last of her kind, the C-3P."

Golden Bear II  had been returned to Mare Island as viewed from Google Earth in 2012

C3-P Ship - Tonnage: Navy Light: 10,230     M.C. Deadweight:9,975    Full Load: 16,480
Length: 489' Beam: 69'9" Draft: 27'3
Machinery Type:
Turbine engines Horse Power: 8,500 Top Speed: 16.5 knots
 1st Navy Commissioning:

In Tow on the Pacific - from Tug Rachel

In February she entered the Panama Canal

USS Crescent City is seen to the left of the USS Chicago,
a heavy cruiser. The ships are steaming away from Guadalcanal-Tulagi after landing invasion forces during the Pacific conflict of World War II.

On February 22, 2012 she entered the channel to Brownsville

It couldn't be saved

Save the ARTSHIP
a.k.a.  TS Golden Bear II; a.k.a.  USS Crescent City
a.k.a. - Del Orleans                Photos

ArtShip had been scheduled for scrapping after the owner run out of operating funds. A reprieve for the Historic Guadacanal WWII Warship was realized when a Judge interruped the scrapping proceedure until lawyers can hash out its historic significance. San Francisco Chronicle 6-15-04

Would it be less expensive to keep her?
She is in good touring condition,
see Photos Below

Painting by Dan Fontes

          The Bridge as she appeared                                   
Hatch Ways 
               Medical Cabin