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A REFUELING STOP for tow of the
USS Constellation CV-64

Valparaíso was named for a village in Cuenca, Spain after Spanish explorers arrived in 1536.
Their ship was the supply ship, "
Santiaguillo". Valparaíso became the main harbour for the newly created
Chilean Navy after gaining independence from Spain in 1818.   HISTORY

Valparaíso was a desired stopover for ships rounding South America via the Strait of Magellan and Cape Horn. It gained particular importance supporting and supplying the California Gold Rush (1848-1858). In its role as a major seaport, Valparaíso received immigrants from many European countries, mainly from Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy . German, French, Italian and English were commonly spoken among its citizens, who founded and published newspapers in these languages.