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11/01/14  06:00   Dist. 125nm      In Strait of Magellan
11/02/14  06:00   Dist. 78.5nm    Parked between Felix and Centinela Islands
11/03/14  19:00   Wind NW 40knts  Seas NW 6'
                    The Caravan transited 1300 feet of the NARROWEST point in the Strait of Magellan
                    with an an addition 3 tugs. 1 as rudder, 2 on side, plus Capt Latham and Corbin Foss in Front.
11/04/14  06:00   Dist. 76nm  Wind Wly 15-20knts Seas Wly 1'-2'  Connie riding high with no list.
                    10:00   Arrive Bay of Punta Arenas. Float around all day. SEE MAP.
11/05/14  08:30   DGTM Patrol inspecting Constellation while Caravan floats around the Bay of Punta Arenas.
                    17:00   Tugs receive provisions.
                    19:50   Caravan departs Punta Arenas.
11/06/14  05:40    Punta Delgada, crossing fast is achieved due to good conditions prevailing in the area.
                                  Smoothen underwater currents favorable advantage.
                    07:15   Tug Corbin Foss in Possession Bay in hopes of support equipment
                                  for easy maneuvering on board the Constellation.
                    13:07   Pilots off Corbin Foss.  14:50  Pilots off Capt Latham.
                    18:05   Corbin Foss at Punta Dungeness. Capt Latham disconnected from tow, returned to Punta Arenas.

                                 See Vern's "STRAIT OF MAGELLAN - CERTIFICATE"

                    Distance to Montevideo Uruguay 1299.7nm      ETA - 11/16/14 a.m.
                                              Continued on Quad Map 5

The USS CONSTELLATION CV-64 Caravan through the Strait on November 1-3, 2014