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10/21/14  07:30  Latitude: 35 42 S    Longitude: 73 29 W    WIND S 17 knts
                   by navigating to the block of Pta Nugurne, , at the south/west of Cape Carranza 
                   Sailing with good sea and wind conditions allowing them to keep walking.
Corbin Foss              
10/22/14  07:30  Latitude: 37 47 S    Longitude: 74 21 W    WIND S 17 knts
                   by navigating to the block of Pta Morguilla , South/Weste Port of Lebu
                   Sailing with good sea and wind conditions allowing them to keep walking.
Corbin Foss
                  Passed historical Port of TALCAHUANO about noon!
10/23/14  07:30  Latitude: 40 00 S    Longitude: 74 51 W    WIND SSEly 23 knts
                   by navigating to the block of Pta Galera, South/Weste Poultry Port L
                   Sailing in rough seas and South wind component. In spite of balance sheets and pitching of the tugs were keeps walking.
Corbin Foss
10/24/14  07:30  Latitude: 41 57 S    Longitude: 75 12 W    WIND SSEly 18 knts
                   Navigating to the south/west of Punta Corona Chiloé "SEE PHOTOS"
                   Sailing with regular sea and wind conditions both from the South.
10/26/14  07:30 Latitude: 46 20 S    Longitude: 76 09 W
                   Sailing with sea conditions of Lt. component SW 5.5 mts and
                   wind of the ONO 25 ndsDe corporatively real speed agreement.
10/27/14  07:30 Latitude: 47 53 S    Longitude: 76 08 W
                   Sailing to navigate into Fallos channel. Moved West to wait!
10/28/14  07:15 Latitude: 47 51 S    Longitude: 77 41 W
                   Continued sailing to South - will NOT navigate Fallos Channel.
10/29/14  07:15 Latitude: 49 15 S    Longitude: 77 33 W
                    By navigating with bad sea and wind conditions, both of component Wind W'ly 40 to 50 knts, Seas WSW 10-15 ft.
10/30/14  07:15 Latitude: 49 50 S    Longitude: 78 43 W
                    Sailing with regular sea and wind.
10/31/14  07:15 Latitude: 51 21 S    Longitude: 76 53 W
                    Carrier shows no list at this time
Corbin Foss
11/01/14  07:15 In Strait of Magellan near station FELIX.
                               Tug Pelican II moored to stern of Connie as rudder.  Tug Otway is along side as safety tug.
11/02/14  07:15 Due to High Winds at Tortuoso Pass, Transit of Straits of Magellan was stopped.
                               Vessel is currently in Detention in Straits awaiting favorable conditions to proceed with tow Carrier shows no list at this time.
11/03/14  19:19 Constellation Caravan started into Tortuoso Pass at 17:10, Passed around Crosstide Light at 18:20, and completed Passage at 19:55.
                               Tug LM Agunsa Rigel had been added to Caravan. It and tugs Otway and Pelicano II were released.
                               New tug Beagle is not moored to Constellation stern as rudder. Support staff will continue on board of the Constellation.
11/04/14  06:00   Dist. 76nm  Wind Wly 15-20knts Seas Wly 1'-2'  Connie riding high with no list.
                    10:00   Arrive Bay of Punta Arenas. Float around all day. SEE MAP.
11/05/14  08:30   DGTM Patrol inspecting Constellation while Caravan floats around the Bay of Punta Arenas.
                    17:00   Capt Latham receives provisions.
                    19:50   Caravan departs Punta Arenas.
11/06/14  01:47   Pass Cape Saint Vincent, sailing with good wind conditions and seas.
                    05:40   Pass Punta Delgada, moving fast by taking advantage of favorable currents.
                    07:15   Capt Latham anchored in Possession Bay where support team has easy access to Constellation.
                                 Assist Tug Beagle will remain in Caravan until Dungenes Point to assist steering.
                   13:07    Pilots off the Capt Latham (returns to Punta Arenas)
                   14:50    Pilots off the Corbin Foss.
                                 It appreciates the cooperation and willingness of all those involved. Pilot Gonzalo De la Sotta

                    Distance to Montevideo Uruguay 1299.7nm      ETA - 11/16/14 a.m.

                                                                        These ETA points can be seen via link below "QUADMAP 5"
Pilot's Report
Valparaiso to Punta Arenas, Chile

Last Voyage of USS Constellation CV-64
Pilot photos - DEPARTING VALPARAISO - October 19, 2014