Felix Lighthouse - Bahia Felix, Chile
The Lighthouse Bay Felix is a lighthouse belonging to the network of headlights of Chile. Is located in the sector of the Bahia Felix Tamar Island in the Region of Magallanes. This lighthouse inhabited is a Historical Monument in the Region of Magallanes. The construction of this lighthouse was initiated by Luis Camuzi and completed by George slight.  WIKIPEDIA

On 26 July 1900 construction was awarded contractor Luis Camuzi to be carried out in 138 working days. It also called for public bids for the construction of its tower, awarded to the Society "Casting of Chile". Due to problems between the Inspector of lighthouses instructed the engineer George Slight to complete the work.

The home room was compliled in granite stone. The lenticular apparatus was purchased from the British firm Chance Brothers and Co. Ltd. , of incandescent lighting on the basis of gas of paraffin. Light height was 143m and its visibility of 30 miles and was delivered to the Service on 1 June 1907.
The headlight has a customs office, a carpenter, a battery room, a room of engines and a spring. It also has a heliport and a railway line from the pier to the house. Inside the tower, it has been attractively paved with wood.
RAIN FALL:  The Island Felix, in Chile's Tierra del Fuego has an average rain fall of 325 days a year, the most in the world for a permanently inhabited location (some of the wetter remote Hawaiian Island sites probably exceed this figure). It is estimated that the wettest locations in this region at elevated parts near the southern tip of South America may reach 200-250"/5000-6500mm per annum. WUNDERGROUND.
The designation "BAHIA" to island Felix and surrounding islands
is related to the Bahá'i faith brought to Chile in 1940 by Pioneers of the United States. WIKIPEDIA

11/01/14 6:13 PM HRS

Meeting Freighter GOLAR GRAND that had transiting in Pass Tortuous, Reported that the time had wind of 307° and intensity of 27 knots and in consideration to that speed exceeded the critical parameters to maneuver safely. Captain of the Tug Corbin Foss determined abort transit.

Caravan made a 180 degrees in the vicinity of Islet Spider.

Idea of maneuver is to continue
in demand for wider sector
between Centinela and Felix Lights,
to Park in that area in hopes of better
weather conditions.