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Gabalagos Islands - Map Three
9/10/14  0600     Dist.  145 mi.       Winds LT SE                Seas:  2'-3'
                   We slowed down for 3 days due to current off shore. Eta will be afternoon on 15th.   
                   Agent may want us to wait for 16 am Dwaine
9/11/14  0600     Dist.  140 mi.       Winds LT N                   Seas:  1'-2'
9/12/14  0600     Dist.  136 mi.       Winds LT NW                Seas:  2'
 It's really nice out here. Nice to get by the active storm area to our north. Dwaine
9/13/14  0600     Dist.  120 mi.       Winds NW                     Seas:  1'
9/14/14  0600     Dist.  120 mi.       Winds SW 10                Seas:  2'-3'
9/15/14  0600     Dist.    74 mi.       Winds Variable             Seas:  2'-3'
                Adjusted route to arrive on schedule. Dwaine
9/16/14  Click PANAMA on map above.
9/17/14   06.00 Finished W/fueling ops @2120 9/16/2014…
Preparing to Reconnect W/ Constellation. Dwaine.
9/17/14   20.00
Corbin Foss Reconnected Tow to Constellation. Standing by anchored on our tow gear while waiting for the Second Tug "Rachel" to sort out tow winch repairs.  Tow winch was repaired
Both tugs will tow Constellation. Click "Panama" on map above for details.
9/17/14   25.55 U/W from Balboa, Panama anchorage  for Valparaiso, Chile
*Running Slow until we get into deeper water to let out more tow wire*
                         Dist. 13nm            Winds NW 10-15    Seas:  2'-3'                 W/2nd Tug Rachel
9/18/14  0600    Dist. 80.7nm.        Winds Nly 5-10       Seas:  Nly 1'  Swl 3'  W/2nd Tug Rachel
9/19/14  0600    Dist. 152.3nm.      Winds SW 10-15     Seas:  SSW 3'-4'       W/2nd Tug Rachel
                       We are 1000' plus Forward of 2nd tug. They have a lot of leeway to follow our lead but do need to pay
                       attention. Their draft is less with less tow wire so their gear is much shallower than ours. Dwaine
9/20/14  0600    Dist. 134.2nm       Winds Sly 15            Seas:  Sly 3'-4'          W/2nd Tug Rachel
9/21/14  0600    Dist. 132.3nm       Winds SW 10            Seas:  SW 2'-3'          W/2nd Tug Rachel
              Crossed Equator in forenoon, being due east of Galapagos Islands - See map above.
              Was the 3 Polly Wogs aboard Corbin Foss initiated to become Shellbacks?
9/22/14  0600    Dist. 131.4nm       Winds SSW 15          Seas:  SSW 3'-4'       W/2nd Tug Rachel
9/23/14  0600    Dist. 130.9nm       Winds Sly 20-25      Seas:  Sly 5'-6'          W/2nd Tug Rachel
Southerly wind and seas are slowing us down some. Tow is riding really well, as are the tugs. Dwaine
9/24/14  0600    Dist. 118.7nm       Winds SSE 10-15      Seas:  Sly 4'-6'          W/2nd Tug Rachel
              *Changes to route; 61nm subtracted from total distance to go.*  Dwaine
9/25/14  0600    Dist. 111.2nm       Winds Sly -15            Seas:  Sly 5'-8'          W/2nd Tug Rachel
9/26/14  0600    Dist. 120.7nm       Winds SSE -15           Seas:  Sly 5'-8'          W/2nd Tug Rachel
9/27/14  0600    Dist. 116.6nm       Winds SE -15             Seas:  Sly 4'-8'          W/2nd Tug Rachel
9/28/14  0600    Dist. 102.4nm       Winds Sly -10             Seas:  Sly 3'-5'         W/2nd Tug Rachel
                  Standing By in Callao Anchorage, awaiting arrival of on coming crew.
                  Capt Jon Larson Aboard @ 0840.        Capt Dwaine Whitney off tug @0925
                  Cleared for Departure, U/W for Valparaiso @ 0950

DIST TO Valparaiso: 1246.5nm     
ETA: 10/8/2014