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Central America - Map Two
8/22/14  0600     Dist. 130 mi.       Winds E10 knts.          Seas: W 4'-5' 

New ETA of 9/14/14, Reduced speed for Hurricane Avoidance.
Going to be running slow around 25-26 north to let Marie pass clear of us. Our track will probably look like a triangle to stay in a safe zone. Don't want to tangle with one of these!

8/23/14  1800     Dist.  0 mi.         Winds Airs                  Seas:  3' 4'
Started Detention 8-21 @ 2100, Jogging in place for Hurricane avoidance.

8/24/14  0600    Can't see the change in Barometric pressure or the storm surge and associated seas. We should start seeing that later today. I chose to stay where we are so we had options, we could always run north if need be. Dwaine
            0717    Here is photo. Running north some to get away from Forecasted 22' swell. Ship is 3000 ft. back. Dwaine 
See Photo above.

            0918    Going to be running further  North to try and stay away from the 20' plus SWELL forecasted stuff. That would be no fun for little guys. Dwaine

SWELL: A swell, in the context of an ocean, sea or lake, is a series of mechanical waves that propagate along the interface between water and air. These series of surface gravity waves are generated by distant weather systems, LIKE MARIE.
                  See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swell_(ocean)

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8/27/14  0600     Dist.  13 mi.         Winds Airs                  Seas:  8'-12'
8/28/14  0600     Dist.  130 mi.       Winds 15 knts             Seas:  4'-7;
                        Today we have seen some of biggest, thickest swells I've seen
                        in my life so far from Marie.  Dwaine
8/29/14  0600     Dist.  137 mi.       Winds NW 10 knts        Seas:  4'-5'
                                        Be off Cabo San Lucas 2200 tonight. 4 fresh fish this morning.
                                        How is Saratoga making out? Dwaine.
8/30/14  0600     Dist.  138 mi.       Winds LT SE                Seas:  3'-4'
                        Satellite Communication have been down.
8/31/14  0600     Dist.  138 mi.       Winds LT SE                Seas:  2'-3'
                        Satellite Communication still down. 150 mi. NE of Socorro IS.
9/01/14  0600     Dist.  135 mi.       Winds LT SE                Seas:  1'-2'
Going good out here with weather not a factor at all. Will be having a electronic guy come down in Balboa to look at our sat system. Not much to see out here.   Dwaine
9/02/14  0600     Dist.  134 mi.       Winds SE 15knts           Seas:  3'-6'
                     Morning storm NORTON forming up outside of us now.  Good thing were heading
                     SE and  its heading NW. Really Packing  some rain in this one. Dwaine
9/03/14  0600     Dist.  119 mi.       Winds SE 5knts             Seas:  4'-6'
9/04/14  0600     Dist.  146 mi.       Winds SE                     Seas:  2'-3'
9/05/14  0600     Dist.  142 mi.       Winds N 5-10knts          Seas:  2'
Nice day out here again. We be getting by Gulf of Tehuantepec with no weather to speak of. This is usually the windy spot, not off Manzanillo. Now if fishing would pick up it would be great. Dwaine
9/06/14  0600     Dist.  135 mi. ESTIMATE, No info received     
9/07/14  0600     Dist.  120 mi. ESTIMATE, No info received           
9/08/14  0600     Dist.  120 mi.       Winds LT SE                Seas:  2'-3'
It appears the tow has hit the strong north bound currents. ETA has to be 15th.
9/09/14  0600     Dist.  118 mi.       Winds SE 10kts            Seas:  2'-3'

DISTANCE TO PANAMA  885 mi.               ETA is 09/
15/2014 1800 HRS.

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