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West Coast - Map One
Starting from Bremerton, Washington   -   NOTES LOW !
8/09/14  0600     Dist. 120 mi.       Winds WSW 10 knt.          Seas: W 2' 

8/10/14  06:00    24hrs. 72 mi.      Winds W 10 knt.               Seas: W 2′-3′
2100 hrs.: Caught 2 tuna today! Must be dragging most of the SEA LIFE from Bremerton with us. Towing much harder than Forrestal. Going to be a long trip.
Cook, STEVE, knows many ways to serve tuna. He is a good cook. Dwaine 

8/11/14  06:00    24hrs. 142 mi.    Winds NNW 15-18 knts.     Seas: 3'-6'
Almost to Oregon under a beautiful full moon.
8/12/14  06:00  
24hrs. 137 mi.    Winds NNW Light.             Seas: 3'-4'
80 miles off
CAPE BLANCO with weather as nice as could be hoped for. must be losing some growth attached to the carrier as our speed is slowly increasing.  Dwaine

8/13/14  06:00  
24hrs. 144 mi.    Winds mixed                    Seas: Calm
Off CAPE MENDICINO about 70 miles. really nice no wind at all. Dwaine
It might have been a good idea to put Constellation in Columbia River like the Missouri was.
Then Barnacles would have all fallen off. The Forrestal towed faster than this.

8/14/14  06:00    24hrs. 150 mi.    Winds N 20 knts.              Seas: 4'-6'
100 miles due west of BODEGA BAY. First weather of the trip if you could call it that.
Nice going 4-6' swell. Dwaine

8/15/14  06:00    24hrs. 142 mi.    Winds N 10-15 knts.         Seas: N 3'-4'

8/16/14  06:00    24hrs. 134 mi.    Winds NW 12 knts.         Seas: N 2'
Off Point Conception 85 miles doing great. Saw 1 really small seal.  Dwaine
I asked Dwaine, "Any interest in that game I gave you during the TUG TOUR?"
"Being used at this time" Dwaine
The game is "FLIPWORD". Where this game makes this web site possible.

8/17/14  06:00    24hrs. 123 mi.    Winds NW 19 knts.         Seas: NW 3'-4'

8/18/14  06:00    24hrs. 103 mi.    Winds NW 25-30 knts.    Seas: NW 2'-3'
                        Left Constellation with tug Delta Lindsey at 1320 hours.
Docked for fuel around 1345 and received clearance from Customs. Returned
to Constellation and left area to continue voyage at 2130 hrs.

8/19/14  06:00    24hrs. 79 mi.      Winds W 5knts.             Seas: W 2'-3'

8/20/14  06:00    24hrs. 139mi.      Winds W Calm.             Seas: W 2'-3'
Captain Dwaine Approves 

8/21/14  06:00    24hrs. 133mi.      Winds N 5-10knts.         Seas: W 3'-4'

                                                      See QUADMAP NO.2

8/24/14  16:00    IN RETREAT from Hurricane Marie. Running North to try and stay away from the 20' plus swell forecasted stuff. That would be no fun for little guys. Dwaine

8/25/14   06:00    24hrs. __mi.        Winds N 16knts.           Seas: N 3'-4'
Corbin Foss is pushing North at 5 knt.s against winds and current.
09:00   "How far is Connie back in todays photo?" Vern 
                        "Same distance 3006' " Dwaine
"At 3000', might you be on different swells?", Vern
"For sure, the beauty of this much wire is you can get in step with your tow. Meaning, riding the same motion your going up when your tow is going up and vise versa . This bad boy will be different though. Hull shape is so much longer than our normal tows. Dwaine
Reversed course - headed south.

8/26/14   06:00   Winds NE 10 knts.  Seas: 3'-5'  

Again - Continued on QUADMAP NO.2

Swell starting at 0900 August 25th
Four Storms WERE
around us.
I don't remember
seeing one with
red in it.
Marie is a monster