The decision has been made that U. S. Carriers will be RECYCLED into useful parts.
The Coral Sea presented a challenge to dismantle in 1994.

A further challenge to dismantling are the carriers on the west coast.
They are in Bremerton, Washington and the route to existing dismantling yards in Gulf of Mexico is long.
The Panama Canal is currently too small for Carriers but the expansion is scheduled to open in 2015.

Is it possible to dismantle the carriers right in Bremerton?  NO !
The laws on the west coast do not allow dismantling of navy ships in the water.

The USS Independence CV-62 was moored at Pier G in Bremerton.

It was physically possible to dismantle the Independence right where she was moored.
AOE-2 could have beeen moved away from the pier.

Barges with cranes could have dismantled the superstructure, leaving the hull a narrower vessel.

The narrower hull could then have been moved to a slip for final dismantling.
The slip could have been as shown in this image or be in Tacoma, Seattle, or Everett.

The carriers in Bremerton were "WRONGFULLY" cleaned there.
They were then towed around South America. Like the Constellation

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