Manchester is home to NOAA's local Reserch Station as well as the Navy Fuel Depot. See: NOAA Page

The Navy Fuel Deport is located on the shores of Puget Sound, across from Seattle. The Manchester Fuel Department's primary mission is to provide bulk fuel and lubricant support to area Navy afloat and shore activities. Support is also provided to Coast Guard ships and air stations, other Puget Sound Area U.S. military activities, and, on occasion, foreign navy ships. Customers are serviced via the fuel pier at Manchester, commercial, or Navy barge, and commercial or Navy truck. The Navy has 38 storage tanks with 60 million gallons of fuel and 11 miles of pipeline . The automated system cost the Navy $7 million when installed in 1997.

The site is located approximately 1 mile north of Manchester, Washington, in Kitsap County. The 40-acre site is situated on the western shore of Clam Bay, an embayment off the west side of Rich Passage in Puget Sound. Clam Bay is typical of shallow sand-mud marine communities in Puget Sound, and supports a variety of marine resources. Commercial and experimental salmon farms also operate in the Bay.

Manchester is fully capable of accommodating ships as large as AOE-class oilers. Pierside services include: potable water, telephone lines, CHT (sewage) hookup, oily waste water or bilge water offload, and bulk lube oil (2190 or 9250) delivery. Other accommodations such as prepositioning trash dumpsters on the pier can be arranged if given a minimum of 72 hours advance notice. Shore power and steam are not available at the pier. Emergency/operationally required overnight stays are possible but not advised due to the remote location of the terminal and labor reimbursement charges.

The southern 22 1/2 acres of the site was the location of a former Navy Fire Training School and is currently occupied by the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). The U.S. Naval Fuel Supply Center is located south of the site.Listed and candidate threatened and endangered species identified at the site include the great blue heron, bald eagle, and Steller's sea lion. There is a moderate probability for hunter-fisher-gatherer cultural deposits.     Read more at Global

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