United States Coast Guard

Sector Seattle Offices
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1519 Alaskan Way South
Building 4
Seattle, WA 98134

Sector Seattle Traffic Center is the largest VTC in the U.S. by area of Responsibility (3500 square miles), vessel transits
( approximately 200,000 annually) and personnel (48).

Coordinates all CG missions including Sector Seattle Search & Rescue, Marine Environmental Protection, Homeland Security, Marine Mobility and National Defense.

Sector Seattle inter-operates with the Canadian Coast Guard. Their responsibility start from the red line, inward through all the tidal waters.

S E C TO R       S E A T T L E          

A Primary Goal is to keep boats and ships from colliding.
Every boat and ship that has the proper radio system is located
 and tracked, even boats in clusters. You would be surprised
at the number of video cameras the Coast Guard has located in the area.

This is as the Navy League - Lake Washington Council; visited on August 25, 2007.

The JHOC Watch Floor in Seattle

This a secure environment. We had to leave our cell phone outside.

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