Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton WA - 47°33'00"N 122°38'30"W

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In June 2004, SUBASE Bangor merged with Naval Station Bremerton. The new command was named Naval Base Kitsap.

NBK-Bangor's military history began in 1942 when it became the site for shipping ammunition to the Pacific theater during World War II. After the Navy purchased 7,676 acres near the town of Bangor for approximately $18.7 million, the U.S. Naval Magazine was established June 5, 1944 and began operations in January 1945

From World War II, and through the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, until January 1973, Bangor continued its role as a U.S. Ammunition Depot responsible for shipping conventional weapons abroad.

The Navy announced the selection of Bangor as homeport for the first squadron of TRIDENT submarines in 1973. An Environmental Impact Statement was published in July 1974 and construction began in October 1974. On 1 February 1977, Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE) was officially activated. In May 1987, SUBASE Bangor was awarded the Commander in Chief's Installation Excellence Award, otherwise known as the "Best Base in the Navy" award. In June 1989, the Secretary of the Navy presented SUBASE Bangor the Environmental Quality Award for "effectively melding the operational requirements of the Navy with the national objectives of protecting and improving the environment

To view the pens, go to and scroll way down.
Looking at these Subs in their pens you can say, man, they are really long

One Class of submarine that is maintained out of these pens is "SSN-688 LOS ANGELES", pictured below.
They are 360 feet long; ( a 60 foot trailer extending beyond a football field ) and 33 feet wide ( 30% wider than a 22 foot modular home ).
They can move officially from 20+ knots ( 23+ miles per hour - like in a school zone ) to 32 knots - submerged.
They officially submerge to a depth of 950 feet and the hull of HY-80 steel will collapse at 1475 feet.
They are operated with 13 officers and 116 enlisted personnel.

At the Hood Canal Bridge, these images were taken by a friend of Vern's.
The friend has a cabin next to the bridge. The sub in the top images are heading south toward Bangor.

View Bridge REBUILD-2004-2009
<>This sub is heading north, on it's way to sea.   Link to bridge WEBCAM

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