B&M Division Officer 
USS Kawishiwi - AO146    1970 - 1972
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It was a fine ship crewed by many interesting folks from all walks of life & provided me with many fond memories.  My state room was 01-53-1-L, view the SHIP PLANS. It was a two officer room, but for my second WestPac cruise, I didn't have a bunkmate; only an occasional Marine officer on TAD transfer.

Jon's 1971 Images
I am a graduate mechanical engineer of Washington DC. The VietNam draft called me into the Navy, and I was offered OCS. Afterwards, I returned to the construction industry in San Francisco where I eventually became part owner, technical guru, and a director of California' largest commercial air conditioning contractor. The building boom of the 80's & 90's was good to me, and so I took the chance to live a little while I still can. Last year, I worked on a project in Bothell right near Vern's house (Voice Stream Data Center), one of several tech projects I was involved with in the area.  My brother Chris (USNA Class of 65 - "See photo LR" during which he was assigned to the USS Scorpion downed in 1968. Chris cherishes his zippo lighter from Scorpion) Chris also had two tours in the Seattle area - one as CO of Ohio-class FBM sub Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730) and as CO of the Trident Refit Facility there in Bangor. During Desert Storm, a young man killed in action was returned to Seattle, and my brother offered to lead his funeral in full military honors, with himself as the bag-piper (he played with the Tacoma Scots, a skill he picked up during a tour at Holy Loch, Scotland). Made the news on TV one night there. He retired as Captain after 29 years, and resides now outside Vail C

The commander of Kawishiwi in 1961-62; Capt. Lloyd "Joe" Vasey was a good friend of Jon's father. At the time of this writing, RADM Joe Vasey was living in Hawaii.

RADM Lawrence G. Bernard
There is a photo of the "Special K" in Subic Bay taken in 1965, from the submarine Archerfish SS-AGSS-311. Jon is proud to say that his father Lawrence G. Bernard (USNA 1937) - photo LEFT -  served as prospective commanding officer (PCO) on Archerfish when it entered Tokyo Bay for the WWII surrender ceremonies. Archerfish was a highly decorated sub commanded by Cdr. Joe Enright, responsible for the sinking of Shinano, reputed to be the largest tonnage warship ever sunk. Jon's father retired in 1971,  passed away in 1997 and is buried at Arlington Cemetery. Click photo of father for large image.

Year - 1955 PHOTO; The boy on the right is my brother "Chris".
On the left, a family friend.  But peeking out from under Chris's right armpit is me "Jon".


CAPT A.C. "Chris" Bernard

I still remember my Mom, returning home from a day at the Smithsonian with us, pulling the car over to the empty construction site along the Potomac, and telling us "You'll remember this for the rest of your life". She was right.         Jon - June 25, 2013 

Jon provided a couple of  true "sea stories" (aren't they all supposed to be true?) that make up a few of my many fond remembrances of serving on the Kawishiwi. I hope you enjoy them. "Three Red Kings" and "The Oklahoma City".

Jon created Cruise Book CARTOONS                          Jon also saved some ship plans
in one sitting, one evening after dinner.                 See his BLUE LINES

  Jon's remembers space capsual recovery Training.

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