1971 PHOTO's by Jon Bernard
USS Kawishiwi AO-146 working both sides


Kawishiwi and Russian Trawler - BOTH wait for APOLLO-15

APOLLO-15 Capsule is hoisted aboard USS Okinawa LPH-37 in August 7, 1971

Russian Spy Ship "PROTRAKTOR" getting in close!

Starboard UNREP with USS Knox DE-1052 with Russians taking notes.

USS Oklahoma City CG-5, Alongside - Port.

I am not sure if the USS OKC picture was taken the day we gave it a good black-oil washdown (if you remember my Memory Shop story), but very likely. A black day for Capt Wyand, I am sure . 
Kawishiwi had role as secondary recovery ship for the Apollo-15 splashdown. It gave us a good ringside seat. And it was fun practicing picking up a floating Apollo capsule.
 (NASA loaned us one; let me tell you, it is close to impossible to drive a 38,000 ton ship in open water & stop it dead alongside a floating capsule. Glad we didn't have to do it for real).

A couple of Russian trawlers ... those pesky things would get mighty close. They always hung around ship maneuvers in the Hawaii theater .
My best also to former shipmates XO Pete Fitzwilliam & Chf Engr Andy Bullions.  JB 6-21-2013


by Ens. Jon Bernard USN