A visit to the old ships

In 2005, former crew members of the Kawishiwi held a reunion in San Francisco, and we had the opportunity to sail up the bay on the SS Jeremiah O"Brien. The O"Brien took us right into Suisin Bay and we got to see our old ship, the Kawishiwi, as we sailed slowly by the rows of ships, as in tribute; it was a sad, but at the same time a happy event for all. The turnout was great, and Vern Bouwman, the webmaster for the ship's website, was the host. Vern is a "plank owner", and he and his wife Letha did a terrfic job of organizing the reunion. I reunited with two of my old shipmates, Roy Gonzales, and Sam Osby, and met many other former crew members. Roy, Sam and I were on the Kawishiwi from1960-1962, and up to the time of the reunion, had not seen each other for 43 years. I would again like to thank Vern Bouwman and his wife Letha for their great job and for the fun we all had.

    I was a Radarman II (E-5), and my friends Roy and Sam were in the Engineering Division. Vern was in the Supply Division.

  Hector Montaño, RD2, 1960-1962
Reunion Photos