Fleet Week   6, October 2012

One of the oldest Fleet Weeks in the country is the San Francisco Fleet Week.  I have seen the vast majority of them. In the 2012 Fleet Week, only [2] United States Navy ships, [1] Coast Guard Cutter, and [3] Canadian warships took part. This is less than half the number of ships which normally take place in a usual Fleet Week.

The shortage of ships is because our Navy has decreased since the second Bush, and since then we have had fewer ships in our Navy than before World War I.  Also, which is unusual, no aircraft carriers have taken part. What is strange is that no Military Sealift Command or Ready Reserve Force ship took part in Fleet Week.  The MSC and RRF support the fleet more than the Coast Guard does.

USS Preble

USS Spruance

USCGC Sherman

Sea Scouts

HMCS Algonquin

San Francisco Bay (the former Alameda Naval Air Station and San Francisco) have the largest concentration of RRF ships than any other area.

I am familiar with RRF ships since RRF ships are neighbors of USS Hornet, and I am a Docent aboard USS Hornet.

HMCS Brandon

HMCS  Edmonton

USAV Raccoon, an Army vessel, removes the debris from San Francisco Bay.

SS Jeremiah O'Brien   She is always there :)

Mike McCullough