2nd Fleet
Replenishment Ships

per current records on hand
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the only port made by he super taker, USS Neosho AO-143, in South America. This was in September of 1958 after providing provisions for the Top Secret Argus series of high-altitude nuclear tests. 
A second visit was made while sailing in 1977, with the USS America CV-66 on a five-week South Atlantic deployment. 
Rio de Janeiro bay was mistaken for a river in 1502 by Gaspar de Lemos from Portugal He named it Rio de Janeiro. It was the French, however, who first settled permanently here. The Portuguese, like the French, harvested brazil wood along the Brazilian coast, and as Portuguese colonization began to take hold SOURCE

1946 - USS Diodon SS-349 Bridge view  below; docked at Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Looking through AA gun sight in the port of Rio. Partly visible is the Topside Watch with whites on.  by Don Boberick.

Looking out over Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado hill where the famous Redeemer Christ stands as a symbol of the city.

The USS ODAX (SS-484) was commissioned on 11 July 1945 at the Portsmouth Naval
Shipyard in Portsmouth New Hampshire. 
ODAX was sold to Brazil, decommissioned, transferred and commissioned in the Brazilian Navy as S.Rio de Janerio (S-13) in ceremonies at Key West FL on 8 July 1972.

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