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Fernando De Noronha Islands, Brazil Is located six degrees or 415 miles* East of Fortaleza on the main land of Brazil. The USS Truckee AO-147 made port here in October 1956 after she acted as flagship and supplied fuel and repairs for a hydrographic survey group operating in the vicinity.

Fernando de Noroha is  an archipelago of 21 islands which lie 250 miles off the Atlantic coast of Brazil. The main island is 15km long and 4km across at the widest

point and its principal feature is the huge Morro do Pico rock which rises to 343m. The archipelago is the peak of a huge mountain formed by volcanic activity about 12 million years ago.

Although cruising yachts on passage to or from Brazil are now allowed to make a short stop here, as this is not an official port of entry the best place to anchor is in St Anthony Bay just off the breakwater, which provides protection from the dinghy when landing. The port captain's office is ashore and he will inspect, but not stamp, passports. There is a fee to be paid to the National Park based on the number of days one plans to stop. Arriving yachts must clear with the port captain's office and the Guarda Territorial.  Photos

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