USS ABSD-1  [1943-1946]
Floating Dry Dock
Artisan AFDB-1 

Artisan: One trained to manual dexterity or skill in a trade.    Click image for CLOSE UP

The combat stores ship USNS SPICA (T-AFS-9) rests on blocks in the auxiliary floating dry dock big USS Artisan (AFDB-1). The submarine tender USS PROTEUS (AS-19), with two Sturgeon class nuclear-powered attack submarines nested alongside, is on the right. Location: NAVAL STATION, SUBIC BAY, LUZON PHILIPPINES (PHL)  Camera Operator: PH2 ELLENWOOD on WIKIPEDIA Commons

AFDB-1 Class Large Auxiliary (10-section, non-self-propelled) Floating Dry Dock: Constructed in sections during 1942 and 1943 at Everett Shipbuilding Co., Everett, WA., the Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., Eureka, CA., the Pollack-Stockton Shipbuilding Co., Stockton, CA.., and Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., Morgan City, LA.
Commissioned, USS ABSD-1, 10 May 1943, at Everett, WA.,  During World War II ABSD-1 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater
AFDB-1 was towed to Espiritu Santo in the New Hebrides and assembled for service in World War II
Disassembled and towed to Manicani Bay, P.I. and reassembled for service by September 1945.  Decommissioned on 31 May 1946, in the Philippines
Redesigned AFDB-1 in August 1946.    Disassembled and towed to Pearl Harbor for lay up in the Pacific Reserve Fleet.
Recommissioned, 2 June 1951, at Pearl Harbor, HI.   Towed by sections to Orote, Guam, Marianas Islands, reassembled and ready for duty in March 1952.
Decommissioned & Recommissioned, 1 November 1956, at Apra Harbor, Guam, Marianas Islands. Renamed Artisan 7 June 1979.

Placed out of service and struck from the Naval Register in October 1986.  Reinstated in the Naval Register in March 1987.
Disposition:  Sections A,G,H,I sold for scrapping by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, 1 March 1987.
Section B redesignated IX-534, Status: Laid up at NISMF, Pearl Harbor, HI., 1 March 1987.  Section E laid up at NISMF, Pearl Harbor, HI., 1 March 1987
Section F disposed of as a target, 1 March 1987.  Section C redesignated IX-525, Status: Active, Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kekaha, HI.
ection D redesignated IX-521, Struck from the Naval Register, 26 April 2006, Laid up at Naval Inactive Ships Onsite Maintenance Office, Pearl Harbor, HI.

Specifications:    Displacement 38,500 t.(lt) (10 sections)   Length 927' (10 sections)    Beam 256'    Draft 9' (light), 78' (flooded)
Height 28' (keel to wedlock)   Inside Width 133' 7"   Lifting Capacity 90,000 tons    Complement 690
Specifications: IX-521 and IX-525  
Displacement 3,500 t.   Length 280'     Beam 80'    Draft 9' (light)

USS ABSD-1 commissioning ceremony, 10 May 1943 at Everett Shipbuilding Co., Everett, WA.
by: Bob Crawford in honor of his father MACH/ENS (CDR) Arthur G. Crawford USN Ret. USS ABSD-1 via Navsource.

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