USS Ranger CV-A 61
At Subic Bay Naval Air Station
Ranger was serviced by the Kawishiwi from 5 to 10 times a year.

It also played the William Tell Overture while the Lone Ranger's horse,
Silver, rode around the deck during our unrep's: View: Story

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In 1990 - Ranger received Kawishiwi's 4000th UNREP
2 Images below also taken then.

by Defense News Service

Ed Miller of Bettendorf, IA. was aboard the Ranger in the Tonkin Gulf
He took the photos of The Special K - below.

It was 1964 May… When two U-2’s landed on the ship there was marines guarding ever way to the flight deck… there was a hatch on the port side near the Main Communications message window that had a Marine with a big shotgun making sure we did not go out it…. But us RM’s are smart… We took turns going up to UHF3 (I think) Radio spaces so we could get a peek.… I for one saw both of them… As far as I remember we had no surface escorts.. for some reason I think I remember we had a sub or two around.  

The ship was in emcon from the time we left SanFran till the time we got back. All we did is pull the broadcast… It was the easiest trip I was ever on, except for getting my butt beat with pieces of fire hose in the initiation.  OH, when we pulled into SanFran we did not have a single missing message.  R/Ron Phillips