USS Oriskany CVA-34 - COMMENTS are BELOW
Seventh Fleet ships replenishing in the South China Sea, May 1969.
Photographed by PH1 Long. Ships present are (from front to back):
 USS Wiltsie (DD-716), USS Tappahannock (AO-43), USS Oriskany (CVA-34), USS Mars (AFS-1), and USS Perkins (DD-877).
Official U.S. Navy Photograph (# USN 1139357). 
From NavSource

In the '69-'70 cruise book, there are some pictures (page 21) of an unnamed carrier that drifted away, stretching the hoses, then breaking the wires, but I don't remember if there was a opposite drift into the port side of the Kawishiwi. I don't recall a collision with her.  I did however land on her in a S2F in 1968.  Spent a couple of days doing nothing but watching flight ops, then was helo'd to the Kawishiwi and lowered in a sling to her bow while underway.  I'm sure that they piped me aboard!      .......Al Hirschler  68-70

I'm pretty sure her elevator in the down position clipped KAWISHIWI in 1969? or 1968...just before I might check with others       .......Dwight Merriam  69-72

I don't recall anything about a collison with Orisknay but I may have been sleeping in a pump room. Seriously, I think we had a near collison which parted some hoses and put a rig in the water but hull didn't touch hull.  I have forwarded this to Jack Hadsall and Bill Lyman who will more than likely tell you that if it happened Joe James had the con and Frank Connors was EOOW. Those of that era will undestand.  ......Andy Bullions  68-72

It brings back a scary memory....My very first emergency breakaway. I was on the starboard side of the signal deck, we had the Oriskany on port side pumping away. I looked up at my flags and saw nothing but a HUGE black radar mast, way too close to ours! Then the blast of both ships emergency horns. Man, I had my lifejacket on in about nine one hundreth of a second! I'll never forget the snap of the wire rope and the hoses flying back to our ship. Looking at that deck going under also brings back a cool memory...Phantom jets taking off while we were pumping, what a thrill!      .....Tim "da blues" Barron  68-70

Taken by RD3 Steve Karolyi from the deck of the USS Mahan (DLG-11) around 1968 in the Gulf of Tonkin
Richard Hallowell  RD1 DLG-11  69-71

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