1972 -1974 Photos at Sea
Kawishiwi accompanied USS Hancock CVA-19
to the Indian Ocean

There was one
ENCOUNTER Hancock will not forget with Kawishiwi

Though starting to show here age Hancock was  still impressive  and could put on a first class air show. She was the last Essex Class carrier in the pacific to have piston aircraft. Kawishiwi was one oiler certified to deliver AVGAS.  Most oilers could deliver only JP-5 at that time.

See Pass used by Kawishiwi crew member

1945 from USS Talyga A0-62


This picture was taken after "Swift 2-2" landed on the USS Hancock (CV-19) after rescuing Major Kean and his 10 Marine Security forces from the roof top of the American embassy in Saigon. Major Kean and his men were dropped off on the USS Okinawa.    
               from popasmoke.com

Last Landing, Swift 2-2               See: Take off

If any of you remember this - you will be proud to know that my brother-in-law, GnySgt Ernie Pace was in that last Chopper and more than likely is in that group shot. Ernie is now gone but his memory for all of us, here at "Jake's Landing", remains. See some background on his and his Crew's final Saigon actions.
You can understand why the photo was so important to me; I have written Dallas Miley who took that photo. He is a Hancock Association Member. Thank you Dallas for this photo that will burn forever in my memory. Ernie died from complications of Agent Orang in 2001 and is buried in the National Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN. May he rest in Eternal peace!

1972 Photos below are by Tom Sparkman