The USS Enterprise CVN-65
As viewed on approach to USS Kawishiwi AO-146 for replenishment in 1976
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Fire aboard Enterprise, 14 January 1969, in Hawaiian waters — The massive fire started when a Zuni rocket accidentally exploded under the wing of an F-4. The heat from truck next to plane, had heated up the rocket. Some of the subsequent 18 explosions were 500-lb. bombs cooking of in multiples, leaving 20-foot holes in the armored flight deck. Losses totalled 28 dead, 343 wounded, and 15 aircraft destroyed.
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USS Rogers (DD-876) alongside helping fight the fire, and Benjamin Stoddert (DDG-22) —upper right corner— making approach to lend assistance. (Official USN Photo).

USS Rogers was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation....................................Richard Leonhardt

In two months, Enterprise was back on duty in Vietnam area.


On 2 November 1985 the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
USS Enterprise struck the Cortes Bank reef about one mile east of Bishop Rock during exercises, putting a 40-foot (12 m) gash in her outer hull on the port (left) side, and damaged 3 of 4 propellers. She continued operations then went into dry dock at Hunter's Point Shipyard in San Francisco for repairs. Bank

On 2 November, while operating south southwest of San diego, ENTERPRISE struck a portion of “Bishop Rock.” After evaluation of the damages caused to the hull, ENTERPRISE continued scheduled training, returning to alameda on 23 November.


Deck Dept:  provided safety boat service for divers inspecting the hull damage followinf ENTERPRISE’S grounding on 2 November.

Machinery Division: The #1 screw received extensive damage as a result of the 2 November grounding.

28 NOV 85 – 31 DEC 85   DRYDOCK Hunter’s Point Shipyard.



On 2 November, while operating off San diego, ENTERPRISE was involved in a grounding incident in the vicinity of “Bishop Rock.” Following a one day stand down to assess the damage to the ship, ENTERPRISE continued with ORE.  

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