1966 - Ship Along Side 3 times

USS Alamo (LSD-33)


"Remember the Alamo"

The 184th ship alongside during the 1966 Cruise holds special memories for the men of the big "K". With the USS PRINCETON (LPH-5) already alongside to port, the USS ALAMO (LSD-33) commenced her approach to starboard. At first, nothing appeared out of the ordinary. The starboard highline and the after fueling station went over to the USS ALOMO. With the exception of the Avgas rig on Station 2, the USS PRINCETON was sending the rigs back.

Thomaston Class Dock Landing Ship
Slowly the USS ALAMO and the big "K' edged together and "Emergency Breakaway" was sounded. Station 2 was returned from the LPH, the starboard hi-line was cut, and the span wire tripped. Although our stern swung toward the LPH, the USS PRINCETON  increased speed and was soon clear to port. The USS ALAMO brushed our starboard side and her increased speed cleared our starboard side. Quick action and correct breakaway procedures prevented any injuries and minimized damage.

USS ALAMO was alongside again within 30 minutes for completion of replenishment.

Tim Barron took the pictures of our collision with the U.S.S. Monticello one day out of Pearl Harbor, we were returning from WestPac. Tim had the Mid-watch and was sleeping in "on the starboard side", when there was a sickening lurch and a very loud crushing sound.  He flew out of his rack, and for some reason grabbed his camera. "When I got topside I couldn't believe my eyes! We opened up that ship like a can of peas. You could see people peering through the huge gash on their port side."