LVT-4's are
 Landing Vehicle's
Tracked or
Buffalo Amphibious Boats
The PA91-15 was assisted by the LVT's to complete their assigned tasks while working from the mother ship USS Adair - APA-91.  Read about PA91-15 and her encounters at Okinawa.

There were also Amphibious Jeeps and 6 wheel drive Jeeps and others;
see: MilitaryAmphibious Vehicles:

These Landing Craft were developed from the Alligator which was designed for transport in swamp-land by Roebling in the 1930s. The LVT(1) to LVT(5) were built by FMC from 1942. The LVT is powered by a Continental, seven cylinder, air-cooled, radial engine mounted immediately behind the control cabin. The driver enters from the cargo bay through a door to the left of the engine. The noise from the cylinders and the cooling fan must have been considerable. The engine drives the front track sprockets through a 5-speed gearbox and differential. The tracks are fitted with spoon-shaped scoops which provide propulsion in the water. LTV-4 specifications were:
  • crew: 3 + 28 combat
  • loa: 314", width: 128", height: 98"
  • weight: 28,000 pounds 
  • Continental W670, 668cu", petrol, 7-cyls radial air-cooled, ohv
  • transmission: 5m
  • suspension: small wheels with rubber springs, brakes: mechanical
  • Rear hinged loading door
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