sailed and made port in this area starting in Janurary 1945.
She supported landings at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon,
and continually moved troops and wounded in the area up to October 1945.
Her charted routes are detailed on pages linked to by clicking on
THREE AREAS; Luzon, Panay, and Leyte-Samar,
with stories by many service persons who were in the area at the same time.
A Fennville Teacher was on Luzon - SAM MOREHEAD!

Pacific Naval Battles in World War II

U. S, NAVY TASK FORCE 58 in the Battle of the Philippine Sea; June 19-20, 1944
The warships, transports, landing ships, and auxiliries numbered more than a thousand,
including 6 battleships, 14 cruisers and 58 destro yers; a force of older battleships
provided gunfire support for the landings.

Task Group 58.1
CV-12 Hornet
CV-10 Yorktown
CVL-24 Belleau Wood
CVL-29 Batann
Task Group 58.2
CV-17 Bunker Hill
CV-18 WAsp
CVL-26 Monterey
CVL-28 Cabot
Task Group 58.3
CV-6 Enterprise
CV-16 Lexington
CVL-30 San Jancinto
CVL-23 Princeton
Task Group 58.4
CV-9 Exxex

CVL-27 Langley
CVL-25 Cowpens

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