U.S. Navy Gasoline Tankers
Numbers 6 - 11 and 48 -59 were constructed in Savage Minnesota.

AOG's 1 thru 5 were built in Tacoma, WA.
They were in use up to 2004.
Read all about their construction - plus the total History of these tankers built for and during WWII in the new book

Avgas, Mogas & Jet Fuel
written by Paul Gryniewicz

This construction was completed far away from any ocean,
in the center of our country.

Therefore music is by country song writer


The area at right is now named Port Cargill
Cargill, Inc.
It was a marsh before the war, a favorite duck hunting area.

Savage was also home to Camp Savage; a Military Intellignece Service Language school

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