Excerpts from Book
Avgas, Mogas & Jet Fuel

by Paul Gryniewicz.
Pages 225,226

....During the first half of 1973, Noxubee underwent an RAV for upkeep and Maintenance. Upon completion of the RAV, the ship conducted underway replenishment operations off the East coast, as well as a refresher-training period. These operations included the refueling of four destroyers and ten minesweepers. At ceremonies in Little Creek in February, Lt. Michael Mullen assumed command as Noxubee’s 17th and final commanding officer.

....Steve Corneliussen, the XO at the time, probably knew Mike Mullen best. He remembers Noxubee’s final captain as someone desrtined for great things.

“Mike Mullen took command in early 1973, less than five years after he graduated from the Academy. It was almost immediately clear to me that he was the best Naval officer I’d seen. Most importantly, everyone on the ship would have respected him immensely even if he had not been the skipper. That’s how mush of a natural he was. Watching him handle the ship was like watching Michael Jordan handle a basketball. But he also worked hard.”

      “After he commanded the Noxubee, he went on to command a guided missile destroyer, the aegis cruiser Yorktown, the George Washington battle group, and the Second Fleet. That’s five commands at sea before they gave him a fourth star and made him the Vice-Chief of Naval Operations. Moreover, I suspect he may well not top out even there.”

....On July 22, 2005, Adm. Michael Mullen assumed the duties of Chief of Naval Operations.


....On June 6, 1973, Noxubee sailed once again for operations with the Sixth Fleet. During this cruise, Noxubee provided support for 55 ships of three nations, Port visits included Istanbul, turkey; Athens, Corfu and Thera, Greece; Naples, Italy; and Valencia, Spain.

....This continued into 1975 when Noxubee made her last trip home, back across the Atlantic. During this final deployment Noxubee visited 13 foreign ports and transferred over five million gallons of fuel, while traveling over 17,000 miles. Noxubee was struck from the Naval Register, 1 July 1975.


Paul Gryniewicz was Gunners Mate aboard Noxubee in 1969 when Viet Cong swimmers placed a limpet mine on Noxubee hull. (Just like on the Cole).

USS Noxubee (AOG-56) and USS Nespelen (AOG-56)
moored at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, VA. for decommissioning,
 1 July 1975.  by
SFC Peter Messineo USS Nespelen 1974-75

In an interview with Admiral Michael Glenn "Mike" Mullen by TV host David Letterman - 1  Part 2   on June 13, 2011, Adm. Mullen said his service in the Mediterranean aboard Noxubee as a 27 year old Lieutenant was marred by his being graded as an “F” because he hit a channel buoy. The Admiral is now in his second term as Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.